3DMe® Photobooth

Get into character.

3DMe® Photobooth by 3D Systems lets you create customized 3DMe figurines and order 3D printed models instantaneously. Just press a button, smile and see your face on one of over 200 3DMe figurine possibilities. To see more visit the Big systems Experience Center for a live demonstration.

Key features:

• Creates a 3D portrait using 3DMe Photobooth's instant capture technology
• Use the applications to personalize dozens of customizable 3DMe® figurines using their new 3D portrait
• Capture is instantaneous (just like a photo) and model generation takes ~45 seconds
• Adults and kids figurine options available
• Fully self-guided, no operator required.
• Retail-ready (includes revenue sharing for retailers)
• Includes secure, lighted sample product display case on both sides for 270 degree view-ability
• Simple installation - just unbox, plug it in and follow the instructions in included quick start guide and setup video
• Connected to Cubify's e-commerce and cloud printing fulfillment service
• Includes iPad-based POS credit card reader and companion app to allow for on-site order fulfillment
• Concierge application allows for easy product updates, technical support, sales statistics and device configuration
• 1-year (parts only) warranty
• Software support provided


If you are interested in purchasing a 3DMe® Photobooth, please contact us for more details. We have special pricing for multiple location retailer opportunities.

Technical properties and requirements:

• Footprint 24 in x 24 in, height is approximately 70 in
• Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single-phase, ~4 amp draw, 250W
• High-speed internet connectivity required for order fulfillment and social sharing (minimum 2Mbps up/down); ethernet connection highly recommended; wireless acceptable but not recommended