Design Elements

Geomagic Design Elements

Geomagic Design Elements empowers your business to take product design and manufacturing to the next level.


3D Model Creation

Create full 3D digital prototypes of your products. Make assemblies fast with drag-and-drop constraint creation, and see how your assembly will move and interact before producing physical prototypes. Instantly fi nd out important physical details such as weight, moment of inertia and volume. Create intelligent fi les that house entire families of similar parts. A huge part library with standard components lets you focus on innovation rather than rework.


Design Elements

2D Documentation


Rich, powerful and effi cient, Geomagic Design’s overhauled 2D drafting tools enable comprehensive detailing of your digital prototypes for manufacturing-ready documentation. Automation tools, such as the dimension cleanup wizard, place your dimensions perfectly. A greatly expanded detailing and view creation toolset makes 2D documentation a breeze.


Lifelike Renderings in Minutes

Make beautiful, realistic images of your products to use for marketing collateral or to explore material and color considerations of your products. Win bids by including picture-perfect shots you’ll create in a matter of minutes with drag-and-drop ease.


Part Library

Includes 2 standard part libraries.