Geomagic Studio

Geomagic Studio is the complete toolbox for transforming 3D scanned data into highly accurate surface, polygon and native CAD models.

A vital component in a range of manufacturing workflows, Geomagic Studio provides the industry’s most powerful point cloud editing, mesh editing, and advanced surfacing functions in an intelligent, easy-to-use application. In addition to its precise 3D data processing functions, Geomagic Studio incorporates incredible automated tools, all of which enable users to produce the highest quality models in significantly less time and reduce costly man-hours. For reverse engineering, product designs, rapid prototyping, analysis and CAD export, Geomagic Studio is the core 3D creation tool.

Geomagic Studio

With an included command line-driven version of the software and a new Python scripting environment, Geomagic Studio is introducing unrealized levels of speed and customization to go with its robust 3D processing capabilities. Geomagic Studio also streamlines the design process by enabling seamless transfer of parametric models to a number of major CAD packages: CATIA®, Autodesk® Inventor®, CREO® Elements/Pro™ (Pro/ENGINEER™) and SolidWorks®.


Automotive Design and Production

For everything from reverse engineering obsolete parts to testing NASCAR vehicles for perfect racetrack aerodynamics, Geomagic Studio delivers the power of 3D when converting physical objects into digital models. Engineers can then rapidly use the 3D data in a multitude of engineering processes: retooling, retrofitting, and developing new vehicles and vehicle parts far more quickly than from-scratch design.



When precision and speed are of the utmost importance, aerospace designers, manufacturers, inspectors and repair teams rely on Geomagic Studio to create 3D digital models, which are then used to produce a range of custom parts and ensure component accuracy. Geomagic Studio is being used throughout the world to reconstruct custom blimp fan blades, repair fighter jets and inspect vital aerospace and aeronautical components.


Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Geomagic Studio allows parts to be easily captured and ported into 3D MCAD platforms for redesign or to be saved as exact surfaces for wear-and-tear testing. Using 3D scan data, Geomagic Studio delivers complete, accurate 3D models within a few minutes or hours, enabling the form of the parts, tools, molds and dies to be easily reused in the design-to-manufacture process.


Medical Devices and Equipment

Geomagic Studio simplifies the process of creating custom medical devices – such as prosthetic limbs, cochlear implants, cleft palate treatment devices and replacement joints – and increases their quality, so they fit perfectly and reduce post-operative pain. Using CT scan data of the human skeleton and 3D scan data of body shapes, Geomagic Studio enables designers to quickly create products around the patient's unique requirements.



  • Support for a wide range of non-contact and probe devices
  • Automated point cloud data clean up, mesh analysis and repair, remeshing tools, patch functionality and more
  • Optimized for fast data processing and the ability to effectively handle large, dense point clouds
  • Simplified 3D world coordinate system for easy alignment of data
  • Python scripting environment allows you to customize point cloud processing workflows
  • Included command-line driven version of the software eliminates the computing overhead of a graphical user interface, allowing you to save time and memory
  • Export high-quality 3D data in all major neutral polygonal and NURBS formats
  • Wide array of hardware plug-ins and supported file formats, i.e., STL, OBJ, VRML, DXF, PLY and 3DS, included at no additional charge
  • Direct export of history-based models to major mechanical CAD packages, including Autodesk® Inventor®, CREO® Elements/Pro™, CATIA® and SolidWorks® (optional)
  • Seamless export to SpaceClaim® Engineer direct-modeling CAD at the click of a button