Simulate™ for Geomagic Design®

Simulate for Geomagic Design includes everything in Dynamics, plus linear static, normal modes, steady state thermal, and buckling FEA analysis.


Improve Designs and Reduce Failures

Dynamics for Geomagic Design and Simulate for Geomagic Design are FEA tools built to help designers and engineers perfect assemblies of 3D parts. By simulating assembly movement in this unique virtual environment, you can reduce cycle time, pinpoint failures early on, and create more robust designs.



Reduce Product Cost


By using FEA throughout the design cycle, you can identify weak points and areas where you can save material, so you can reduce cost and environmental impact. Additionally, simulation can reduce the number of physical prototypes you need to make to test your products.


Confirm Your Design Works

Dynamics for Geomagic Design calculates several types of results that you can use to verify the operation of your design. Photorealistic animations give you visual feedback, so you can see if the assembled product works properly.


Find Out If Your Design Will Break

Dynamics helps you find out if your design will work, but Simulate lets you answer the question “Will my design break?” The reaction forces calculated by Dynamics are automatically applied to the FEA model created in Simulate, so you can see the stress of movement on the assembly.


Test On a Rich Set of Loads and Restraints

Simulate has a rich set of functional objects that are added to your Geomagic Design model in order to build a functional structural prototype. These objects include :

  • Concentrated loads, distributed loads, torques, and pressures
  • Restraints and enforced displacements
  • Prescribed temperatures, conductive and convective heat flux, and radiation


Optimize Weight, Cost, Manufacturability and Performance

Using Simulate, you can try out various designs of your product and test each iteration for necessary performance requirements. Reduce weight and part cost by trying out different designs and test them virtually before you ever make your first prototype.


Go Beyond Simple Motion Animations

What truly sets Dynamics apart from a general animation package is the ability to provide accurate, physics-based engineering data associated with the movement of the assembly. Result vectors and plots of displacement, velocity, acceleration and forces give you the numerical information you need to fully understand the performance of your design. As you make design changes, you can compare the data to verify improvements.


Produce More Creative, Robust Designs

Simulate the rigid body dynamics of an assembly, optimize the size of components, determine part interferences and collision response, identify stresses induced by motion, produce physics-based animations, and test your control systems.


Optimize Designs Before Production

Spend less time and money on physical prototypes. Motion analysis allows you to simulate rigid body dynamics in an assembly, optimize component size, identify part interference and collisions, detect motion-induced stresses, produce physics-based animations, and test control systems--all in a virtual environment.


Make Customers Happy & Minimize Warranty Costs

By identifying potential problems during the design phase, you can create better products and experience a lower rate of failure. Considering reduced warranty costs and increased customer satisfaction, your investment in buying and using Dynamics and Simulate will pay for itself.