Team Platform


TeamPlatform is a complete cloud-based collaboration solution built from the ground up for engineering and design team-based collaboration. From anywhere, team members can upload data of any size, share and revise CAD and 3D files, and manage projects large and small.


Team Platform

Speed Up Your Process

Cut your design window, get to manufacturing quicker, share inspection results instantly, and bring products to your customers faster. TeamPlatform provides anytime-anywhere access (via browser or tablet) to data sharing and project planning tools so your team can relieve bottlenecks and streamline its workflow.


Streamline Your Project Workflow

Time training on and adapting to new software is time lost. Built for scalability and ease of use, TeamPlatform provides friendly virtual workspaces for all stakeholders so they can upload revisions, track changes, make comments, update timelines and synchronize files quickly.


Never Limit Your File Size

It’s important that you communicate the right file every time. TeamPlatform doesn’t limit file size, so you can share large CAD and 3D drawings simply and easily. You can share the exact file type you need, confirm delivery, and see automatic online previews of 135+ file formats without leaving the web browser.


Communicate Clearly

Whether it’s with customers or coworkers, your business thrives on proper communication. Now you can do both effectively. In addition to team-wide collaboration tools, TeamPlatform improves communication with partners and customers via a professional, self-service portal.