industrial strength, scale & precision

High-Strength Parts on a Larger Platform
With in-process inspection, precision sensors and a large build area, our Mark X 3D printer takes fiber-reinforced strong printing to a whole new level. Print finished parts exactly as-designed with an unprecedented combination of quality, dimensional accuracy and strength.

16,500 cm³

Build Volume

50 micron

Layer Thickness





Large Prints, High-Resolution
The large build volume of the Mark X makes it ideal for robotics, automotive parts, functional prototypes and prosthetics. With 50 micron resolution layer height, your parts will come out of the printer with a beautiful surface finish approaching the look and feel of injection molding.


Build Volume

330mm Width

250mm Depth

200mm Height

Print As-Designed Parts with Known Precision and Tolerance
Define a tolerance specification in Eiger, our cloud based 3D printing software, and the Mark X will scan your part while it's printing to ensure that it always meets the spec. If an error is detected you will be alerted and can choose to cancel the print remotely, saving time and material.

High-Strength Printing
By reinforcing your parts with composite fiber while 3D printing them, The Mark One achieves unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability in its printed parts. Automatically strong, our software automatically reinforces your parts with fiber to maximize strength and stiffness.

In-Process Inspection
The Mark X gives you breakthrough quality and precision in 3D printing. Scan your parts mid-print using our cloud-based Eiger software and a laser displacement sensor affixed to the print head. Ensure dimensional accuracy at the most critical tolerances at any point in your print.

1 micron

Measurement Accuracy

50 micron

Scanning Resolution






Higher strength-to-weight than 6061 Aluminum
The Mark One prints outer contours and curves in engineering nylon and fills each part with close-packed reinforcement in continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar or fiberglass. We validate our material performance with exhaustive cycle and environmental testing to ensure that your parts retain their strength over extended use.

Powerful Software
Every Mark One comes with Eiger, our browser based 3D printing software. Eiger runs on any computer and is designed to be easy to use. So you can get printing quickly.


Technical Specifications

330 mm x 250 mm x 200 mm

575 mm x 467 mm x 928 mm
575 mm x 467 mm x 424 mm (without cabinet)

• Nylon
• Onyx

• Carbon Fiber
• Fiberglass
• Kevlar
• High Strength
• High Temperature Fiberglass

50 micron beam diameter
1 micron Z resolution

50 micron

Single Sign-On
Two-Factor Authentication
Organization Admin Portal
Early Access to New Features

SaaS deployment and storage
Local Storage
Fully On-premise (Contact for more info)

Mark X printer and cabinet along with access to cloud Eiger software
800cc Nylon spool
800cc Onyx spool
150cc Carbon Fiber
150cc Fiberglass
150cc Kevlar
150cc HSHT Fiberglass
One extra print bed (2 total)
Extra nozzles
Onsite Markforged engineer training at customer site (available for a limited time)

Software Requirements
Software: Eiger [included], Browser-based
Supported OS: Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.7 Lion+, Linux
Supported File Types: .STL

Best Results
Nylon must be dry, as it is very hygroscopic. That means it readily absorbs water from the air. Nylon can absorb more than 10% of its weight in water in less than 24 hours. Successful 3D printing with nylon requires dry filament. When you print with nylon that isn’t dry, the water in the filament explodes causing air bubbles during printing that prevents good layer adhesion and greatly weakens the part. It also ruins the surface finish. Dry nylon prints buttery smooth and has a finish sheen. To dry nylon, place it in an oven at 180°-200°F for up to 6-8 hours. After drying, store in an airtight container, preferably with desiccant.