ProJet 3510 CPX

Professional 3D Printer

RealWax Models, Micro and Specialty Investment Casting

RealWax™ patterns produced on the ProJet CP are ideal for general foundry casting applications such as medium-sized to large mechanical parts, while wax parts produced on the ProJet CPX are micro-detail patterns with superior surface quality, and extreme fine detail for jewelry and other detailed applications.

The ProJet 3510 CPX produces 100% RealWax micro-detail patterns with improved casting room efficiency to increase the productivity, precision and possibilities of direct investment casting.

ProJet 3510 CPX

Achieve mirror standard wax casting with exceptional pattern performance ideal for jewelry, apparel, micro-detail medical devices, medical implants, electrical components, figurines, replicas, collectables and more.

Save time and money with direct investment casting by printing quality micro-detail RealWax patterns.