3D File Verification Service is a solution tailored for the business process of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. It is designed to perform an analysis of your 3D-model data to let you focus on the value adding processes and applications of your business.

This is a common problem when sending files to a rapid prototyping bureau, errors can occur in the files depending on the software you have used to produce the STL file and how you modelled it.

The service can address a large amount of tasks that normally would be handled manually and will reduce your costs while improving your speed of handling, quality and review of the data.

File Types

Check to see if your format is compatible and can import your 3D format including STL, OBJ, 3MF and others. Then we can evaluate incoming files for errors and determines main properties of the files.

File analysis:

  • Main dimensions, volume, surface area, outbox volume
  • Number of triangles, border edges, shells and holes
  • Degenerate faces and self-intersections


If needed, access to Cloud Services can be selected to repair the files with a success rate of >95%.

Repair functions include:

  • Stitching triangles
  • Closing gaps
  • Close holes
  • Repair invalid orientations
  • Remove self-intersections
  • Remove shells with negative volume
  • Remove double triangles
  • Remove tiny shells
  • Triangle reduction