44-inch (1118-mm) standard-definition color scanner.

  • Optimized for HP Designjet printers
  • Fast, detailed scanning with CIS technology
  • Scan speeds of 6-in/sec (150-mm/sec) color and 13-in/sec (330-mm/sec) black-and-white


Fast scanning of everyday documents and maps

Capture documents quickly and in detail with this high-productivity scanner. Work more efficiently using the large touchscreen, save documents to many file formats, including multipage PDFs, and integrate seamlessly with HP Designjet printers.


High-productivity scanner for fast and detailed document reproduction


Detailed document reproduction with CIS technology

  • Scan and copy your everyday documents and maps at high speeds without fringing, using advanced CIS technology
  • Eliminate unwanted shadows and backgrounds, with the new dualilluminating system in CIS technology
  • Ensure high-quality results with crisp text and lines, and scan resolutions of up to 1200 dpi
  • Create large-format color and black-and-white scans up to 44-inches (1118 mm) wide


A fast SD scanner designed to streamline workflows

  • Scan fast—up to 6 inches (152 mm) per second in color and 13 inches (330 mm) per second in black-and-white
  • Accelerate your workflow. Save scans as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or DWF files, and easily create multipage PDFs
  • Be more productive and easily share images with collaborators by scanning to email, USB, networks, and more
  • Preview and enhance images using the large, 15.6-inch (396 mm) touchscreen all-in-one PC


Scan support customized for HP Designjet printers

  • Build a multifunction system—this scanner is customized for seamless integration with HP Designjet printers
  • Add new functions to your printing workflow with detailed scanning, copying, and image enhancement
  • Simplify your tasks—rely on a single interface for maintenance and support of your HP Designjet solution
  • Save space by placing the scanner above your HP Designjet printer,1 using the nine-level adjustable stand


  1. Scanner can be placed above the following HP Designjet printers: HP Designjet 500, 510, T520, T610, T620, T790, T795, T1100, T1200, T1300, Z5200 and Z5400.
  2. Monochrome scanning: A1/D image with black text graphics at 200 dpi; color scanning: A1/D fully-inked color image at 200 dpi, 24-bit RGB
  3. Scanning process
  4. For scan job storage, Win7OS and recovery system