Mimaki TS34-1800AHigh speed and continuous printing


High print speed of 32sqm/h (Effective only at 4-color mode)

  • Two New Piezo staggered heads
  • Assures 18.6 sqm/h print speed in 6-color mode
  • Draft print speed 91.3 sqm/h (360 dpi / 1 pass mode)


Further improvement of productivity by allowing continuous unmanned operation

  • UISS, Uninterrupted Ink Supply System, is a standard feature
  • Two liter aluminum packs and an automatic drying fan are equipped (Options)


Achieves high speed printing of up to 32.0 sqm/h

  • Two newly developed print heads are configured in a staggered pattern, which allows the end-users to quickly respond with increased speeds for wide-format soft signage with a productive high-speed print speed of 32.0 sqm/h in 4 color mode.
  • Improved ink jetting angle achieves higher print image quality without grainy appearance in 4-color mode by jetting variable size dots, Large, Medium and Small variable dots, with a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi.


Enhancing productivity by allowing continuous unattended operation

ï UISS*2 is standard equipment - Two ink cartridge holders are allocated for each color. When one ink cartridge indicates low ink level, this system automatically switches to the other one. Additionally, using in combination with the MBIS*3 that supplies ink from aluminum ink packs(2L) extends the time of ink supply and reduces not only ink cost but also environmental footprint.

To further improve work efficiency, an automatic drying fan*4 is offered to shorten the ink dry time and allows for continuous media take-up during high-speed printing.

*2 UISS - Uninterrupted Ink Supply System: Automatic ink cartridge switching function (4-color mode only)

*3 MBIS - Mimaki Bulk Ink System (Option)

*4 Automatic drying fan is the option.


New generation of output software with 16 bit rendering

  • Sophisticated RIP maximizes the performance of TS34-1800A
  • Smooth gradation with less tone jump is achieved with 16 bit rendering.
  • Multiple images can be nested freely in the RIP.
  • Versatile editing functions such as tiling, trimming, scaling, and rotating are provided.
  • The software works in mixed Windows/Macintosh network environment.
  • The web update function easily provides both software updates and profile downloads.