Gerber M Series

The Gerber M Series is the most powerful and versatile digital finishing system on the market today...

Our advanced cutting technology gives you the performance edge you need to produce high quality finished graphics. We have the right selection of cutting tools and material settings for a wide range of substrates such as foam boards, styrene, PVC, polycarbonates and corrugated plastics. Easily cut/crease paper-based materials from paperboard to micro-flute up to and including triple wall. Our standard router expands your capabilities to acrylics and aluminum composites. The turbo router gives you the supercharged performance for more challenging applications.

Gerber M Series

Change tools and jobs in seconds with our modular T3 Tool head design with MVision. You can digitally register printed graphics, then knife cut and/or rout the same job and change over to foam cutting or creasing, all within the single modular T3 Tool head.

Our robust, software selectable templates enable all of this power with a few mouse clicks. Using our extensive list of pre-programmed materials, selection of the ideal tool and optimum performance parameters is fast and efficient. As your business expands, you can add and customize templates to meet your future needs.

Gerber M Series

Backed by over 40 years of cutting experience, the M Series digital finishing systems are fully configured, turn-key solutions from Gerber, the worldwide leader in knife cutting technology.


The M3000G and MTurbo Feature:

  • High speed reciprocating knife
  • Tangentially-controlled precision drag knife
  • Creasing/scoring tools
  • Robust software templates for tool and material cutting/routing settings
  • T3 tool head with tool auto id system
  • M-Vision registration system
  • Multi zone vacuum holdown system
  • Built in safety beam security system
  • Unobstructed table access
  • Low noise operation


Gerber M Series

M3000G also features:

  • 300 watt router
  • Kiss cutting tools


MTurbo features:

  • Powerful 1 KW router (liquid cooled)
  • Variable speed spindle controller
  • Advanced table surface for superior vacuum adhesion


Gerber M Series

Additional tooling available:

  • Reciprocating knife for protective foam
  • Bevel cutting knife
  • High force creasing tool


All M Series configurations come standard with the following:

  • Router Tool (Either Standard Router Head or Turbo Configuration)
  • M Vision Registration System
  • T3 Modular Tool Head
  • Reciprocating Knife Tool
  • Precision Drag Knife Tool
  • Creasing Wheel Tool
  • 10 HP Vacuum Blower Motor
  • Chip Extraction System with Shop Vac
  • Computer with Stand
  • Omega CP Software with Artpath
  • Starter Kit of Knife Blades and Router Bits ($1,200 Value)
  • 1 Year Warranty


Gerber M Series

Required: Two dedicated 120 VAC, 20 Amp, single phase outlets, one for the front-end computer and one for a chip collection vacuum.

Required: One 220 VAC, 20 Amp, single phase service for the machine controller. The controller must be wired in accordance with local electrical codes (rigid, semi-rigid or cordage). The controller has a ¾” electrical knockout for this purpose.

Required: 3 phase 35/15 amp power for blower.

Required: Customer-supplied motor starter for blower (magnetic starter), installed and wired as per local electrical codes.

Required: 110 psi air at 6 CFM, filtered to 5 microns. A 5 HP single stage compressor is adequate.