Mimaki JV 400SUV Series

Mimaki continues to make new advances and developments in the sign industry, and is proud to unveil a new standard for sign manufacturers; Solvent UV. It specializes in printing on "solvent media" such as PVC films and banner materials, thus meeting solvent ink users' desire for ìa little more hereî

  • Advanced ink technology
  • Scratch resistance that everyone desires
  • Improved drying & UV curing devices for vivid color & strong scratchability


Mimaki JV 400SUV Series

Features of the JV400SUV:

  • Newly developed high-speed print heads
  • Multiple drop sizes with a minimum size of 4 pl
  • Nozzle Recovery Function
  • UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)
  • Eco-cartridge method


Never-seen-before glossiness!

Solvent UV contains solvent component which attacks the acceptance layer of media, fixing pigment. Maintaining vivid color reproduction of solvent ink, it performs UV curing not when ink is discharged but after pigment is fixed to media. Coating-like smooth glossiness is obtained. Fascinating signs with solvent UV have real and vivid appearance and catch the eye of passers-by.


Scratch resistance coveted

Robust UV component remains on the media after UV curing, which provides a surprising scratch resistance (rubfastness). Moreover, When printing on banner materials which are difficult to laminated, the durability of solvent UV ink is equal or better than solvent ink.


Solvent UV Ink (SU100)

Solvent UV ink contains solvent component and UV ink component. First, solvent component attacks the acceptance layer of media, fixing pigment; the subsequent UV curing assures very high robustness.


No drying time needed! Ink cures right away

Printed media are ready to be used/processed right after printing! There is no need to wait to use or process print media because Mimaki solvent UV ink is already cured on the media immediately after printing. Print media outputted from JV400SUV printer are ready to be laminated. Mimaki SUV inks dramatically improve work efficiency.


Newly developed high-speed printhead

Two newly developed print heads with four rows of 320 nozzles per head are in-line arranged. Top quality high speed print is achieved.


High quality print supported by unique head control technology

Depending on the media or output design, the drop sizes of ink from the print head can be selected from 4 pl at the minimum size. Multidrop function enables to print three drop sizes at once and achieves, less-granular and smooth print results. Mimaki's unique head control technology realizes an unrivaled high definition & high resolution print.


Unique drying & UV curing devices - produce bright color, fast dry and fixability

3-Way Intelligent Heater enhances the color reproduction and fixability of ink by heating the media to proper temperature before, during and after printing. Also, the added UV curing unit ensures ink cures after printing.


Fail-safe function ensures continuous print work

With Minmaki's nozzle recovery function, and UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) you focus on reliable printing, not downtime. Two ink cartridges per color are set in 4-color mode. If the ink level of one cartridge is used up, the ink is automatically supplied from another cartridge. The printer stop due to no more ink is prevented. This system allows the operator to leave the printer in operation. Therefore, after setting the printer, the operator can go the business meeting or go back home and check the print results next day.

Mimaki JV 400SUV Series