High-speed and reliable print quality


Mimaki's superior print-image quality control technology

Highly reliable inkjet technology optimizes waveform to achieve the precise placement of the ink droplets onto media.


MAPS3 reduces banding and uneven color printing

Three-way intelligent heater system optimizes the ink droplets size.


Continuous print operation solutions

Automatic clogged nozzle detection, Nozzle recovery system (NRS), and E-mail notification function.


Orange and light black inks create high-value-added printing

SS21 orange and light black inks available.


The Line-Up:


1,610mm (63.4") print width

1,620mm (63.8") media width



1,361mm (53.6") print width

1,371mm (54.0") media width


Ink Types:

Eco-solvent ink

SS21(C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm,Lk, and Or)

Water-based sublimation ink

Sb53(Bl,M,Y,K/Dk,Lbl, and Lm)


Package sizes:

SS21:440ml Ink cartridge / 2L Ink pack

Sb53:440ml Ink cartridge / 2L Ink pack 


Mimaki JV 150 Series