Mimaki UJF-3042HG

Introducing an innovative LED-UV inkjet printer

that reaches a higher level

The UJF-3042HG enables printing on products up to 150mm height, which are not printable with the conventional model. A wide range of printing applications including plastics, metals, and wood, grows and boosts business opportunities.

Three UV ink types are offered in order to achieve the best print results on a variety of applications.

Eight ink slots enable various ink configurations such as 6-color + White and Clear.

The UJF-3042HG has extreme versatility thanks to beautiful gradation with 6-color printing, under/over coating on transparent materials with white ink, and glossy/matte finishes using clear ink.

  • Ink type and color configuration must be chosen at time of installation
  • As ink flexibility of LF-200 ink and LF-140 ink vary according to the substrate, please verify your substrate in advance.
  • Clear ink is not available for LF-140 inks. However LH-100 clear ink can be used in combination with LF-140 inks.


Mimaki UJF-3042HG

Ecological & economical applications of white ink

MCT to regularly circulate white ink is standard equipment. It enables stable output from the time of machine startup by effectively avoiding the settling of white pigment in the ink lines. Additionally, MCT contributes to reduction of ink waste, thereby supporting environmentally and economically friendly applications.


Fail-safe features for continuous operation

Nozzle Recovery Function

Without the nozzle recovery function, when printing and nozzle clogging or failure occurs that could not be resolved by the nozzle cleaning function, printers have to wait stop until the Mimaki service team arrives. When it comes to this function, even if nozzle washing has no effect on a troubled nozzle, the print image quality can be retained immediately without slowing down the print process.


Automatic primer application function

Usually primers are applied separately in a manual application process, but the UJF-3042HG incorporates an automatic primer application feature. The new inkjet primer cartridges are simply inserted into the corresponding ink slot of the UJF-3042HG, enabling the primer to specifically target the print image area only.


Mimaki UJF-3042HG

3 different types of UV inks available

Choose among the following UV inks the one that best suits your applications:

LH-100 / 4 Color (K,C,M,Y) + W,CL


Hard coating ink which has high-solvent fastness.


Products which need high-rub and solvent fastness like boards, panels and electronic chassis.


LF-140 / 6 Color (K,C,M,Y,Lc,Lm) + W * LH-100 clear ink can be used together.


Gradation reproducibility is improvedwith light color inks.Ink flexibility gives the printed media bendability.


Products which need bendability like soft plastics, etc. Panels and photo prints.


LF-200 / 4 Color (K,C,M,Y) + W


High-weatherability 200 percent flexibility High-adhesiveness - flexible ink that offers great compatibility with media.


Signage products and other products which need flexibility like vehicle wrapping, decorative film, membrane switches, etc.

  • As ink flexibility of LF-200 ink and LF-140 ink vary according to the substrate, please verify your substrate in advance.
  • When choosing LF-200 ink, clear ink and primer are not available.
  • LF-140 ink set does not include clear ink. You can use a combination with LH-100 clear ink.