Mimaki CG-SRIII Series

Extreme Curve Cutting Speed

With a host of technical improvements over previous cutters, Mimaki’s new CG-SR III range of cutting plotters features a 60 cm wide desktop model up to a 137 cm wide professional production unit. All with the capability to cut to a wider range of substrates and applications at higher speeds that ever before. By delivering a practical and cost effective solution for every sign and graphics need, the highest possible return on your investment is assured.


Mimaki CG-SRIII Series

CG-SR III Series delivers...

  • Wider Roll cutting format for professional use
  • Stunning value & highly competitive performance
  • 3 different cutting widths available (606/1070/1370 mm)
  • Up to 70 cm/s cutting speed
  • Fast and accurate contour cutting
  • Best-in-class cutting pressure of up to 500g
  • Half-cut function holds image in place after cutting for perfect stickers and decals


Main Features:

  • A best-in-class cutting pressure of 500g for a wider range of materials
  • Up to 2 times the curve cutting speed increases productivity
  • Event Notification function for remote monitoring
    - Plot start/end, error/warning message
  • Continuous Crop Mark Detection for precise stickers and seals.
  • New Segment Compensation, which detects intermediate crop marks, enables accurate contour cutting of long-length prints
  • Upgrade of firmware can be done quickly and easily by user
  • Ethernet connection for LAN use as well as USB2.0 and RS-232C


Detail Features of CG-SR III Series:


High speed continuous register mark detection

For precise contour cutting of printed images, such as stickers, the optical sensor detects register marks that are printed on the media. By recognizing these marks, the distance to the image is calculated accurately.

By continuously detecting a maximum of 4 register marks nested images in both X and Y axis direction can be cut aligning each image automatically. Detecting one register mark is sufficient when using Mimaki’s FineCut software.


Innovative Mimaki Half-Cut function

Mimaki’s original Half-Cut function produces a series of half and die-cuts leaving a few connection points that keeps the image in place. When the job is done the sticker/image can be taken out easily or the complete sheet or roll can be sent to the customer. Various media without backing sheet can also be Half-Cut.


Mimaki Segment correction function

This function detects intermediate crop marks, enabling four-point corrections for each segment. This facility ensures accurate contour cutting over longer length prints, even if the image becomes distorted.


Remote monitoring capability

Machines use an Event Notification Function to send information to pre-set e-mail addresses about completion of cutting task or errors in production, thereby enabling unattended operation and improving productivity.



Effective cutting area 606mm (23.8")
*Sheet basket and stand are optional

Effective cutting area 1,070mm (42.1")
*Sheet basket is optional

Effective cutting area 1,370mm (53.9")
*Sheet basket is optional