Summa OPOS-CAM Series

The perfect combination of speed and accuracy for high productivity contour cutting

Contour cutting printed graphics has become the single most important feature in vinyl cutting. Summa invented contour cutting in 1993 with the pioneering Optical Positioning Sensor (OPOS), the world's first marker recognition system for vinyl cutters. Since that time, Summa has continually refined OPOS technology while constantly innovating new advancements and enhancements that have redefined contour cutting.

Summa OPOS-CAM Series

OPOS-CAM™ represents the 4th generation evolution of the revolutionary OPOS contour cutting alignment system. Precision engineered to increase workflow efficiency when contour cutting printed graphics, signs, labels, vehicle wraps, decals and more, OPOS-CAM is the ideal choice for volume-driven environments that require ultra-fast yet meticulous cutting of short or long run automated contour cutting jobs. OPOS-CAM’s unique camera-based sensor boasts registration marker recognition speeds up to 10 times faster than competing systems and can read markers with ease through laminates as well as on the widest selection of materials, such as metallics, specialty vinyls, and reflectives.

Summa OPOS-CAM Series

Using advanced camera optics technology combined with Summa’s highly intelligent CameraControl recognition software, OPOS-CAM delivers lightning fast marker recognition suited for the demanding workloads of wide format graphics companies and inkjet printer manufacturers. OPOS-CAM also includes all the power, versatility, and precision of the Summa S2 T Series state-of-the-art TrueTangential™ cutting head. Employing Summa’s most powerful servomotors to date as well as Summa’s exclusively patented MicroSprocket™ drive, OPOS-CAM users enjoy the benefits of cutting with the kind of unprecedented speed, confidence and accuracy that most only dream of.

OPOS-CAM is a factory upgrade option now available on all new Summa S2 T75, S2 T140 and S2 T160 contour cutting plotters. Coupled with an astonishing array of innovations and built-in capabilities, Summa S2 with OPOS-CAM does more than any other cutter in its class. Precisely.


Key Features


OPOS-CAM™ Print-Cut Alignment

Features an advanced optical camera system capable of reading registration marks faster than any optical sensor on a wider range of output media


Motor-controlled Blade

With its genuine tangential cutting head, Summa S2 T Series takes the world’s most advanced cutter, and gives it cutting that’s unmatched for quality.


Summa's CameraControl™ Software

Utility analyzes the camera images, allowing the user instant and accurate positioning over the marker


Unmatched Die-Cutting Precision

OPOS-CAM™ further enhances the accuracy of Summa's unique FlexCut™ feature to provide flawless die cut graphics every time.



30 inch (76 cm) tangential cutter with OPOS-CAM™

54 inch (137 cm) tangential cutter with OPOS-CAM™

64 inch (163 cm) tangential cutter with OPOS-CAM™