Summa S2™ T Series

Genuine tangential cutters that provide unsurpassed cut quality

When it comes to cut quality, nothing can emulate genuine tangential cutting. With advanced computer-controlled blade rotation and up to 600 grams of cutting force, Summa S2™ T Series simply cuts better and deeper than any other cutter in its class. Graphics weed easier. Thick materials slice like butter. Intricate designs cut with pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to Summa’s TrueTangential™ cutting head, S2 T Series vinyl cutters feature the cutting precision of a flatbed while providing the ease and speed of a roll-fed cutter.

Summa S2 T Series

By combining the world’s most sophisticated cutting technology with legendary Summa tracking, S2 T Series vinyl cutters are truly in a class by themselves. Three high-power digital servomotors drive even the most demanding materials with unsurpassed performance. Summa’s patented MicroSprocket™ drive-drum technology provides precision media handling and remarkable repeatability from start to finish of every job.

Despite all the state-of-the-art features, T Series cutters remain remarkably easy to use. A vibrant, full-color LCD touchscreen featuring an upgraded graphic user interface and intuitively reorganized menu system puts every S2 function and parameter conveniently at one’s fingertips. And just like the Summa S Class D Series, T Series cutters offer the same precision, durability, and features that are the hallmark of every Summa S2 cutter. When paired with computer-controlled blade rotation, Summa S Class T Series sets the standard by which all other vinyl cutters are measured.

Summa S2 T Series

Summa’s next-generation contour cutting machine will greatly enhance workflow productivity when cutting printed graphics, signs, labels, vehicle wraps and more. The cutting-edge array of features, meticulous precision capabilities, and time-proven durability of a T Series cutter means it will meet your needs today and for countless years to come.


Summa S2 T Series

Key Features


Motor-controlled Blade

With its genuine tangential cutting head, Summa S Class T Series takes the world’s most advanced cutter and gives it cutting that’s unmatched for quality.


Vibrant Color Touch Screen

Summa S2 is unquestionably the world's most advanced cutter. With its exclusive, color touch-control panel, it's also the easiest to use.


OPOS X Contour-cutting

OPOS X contour-cutting alignment delivers OPOS’ unparalleled accuracy and automation, even on laminated images.


Variable-tension Rollers

Summa is the world leader in tracking thick materials accurately. With its adjustable tension pinch-rollers, it’s just as accurate with thin materials.


WinPlot Cut Software

WinPlot, with its advanced OPOS mark recognition, automatically cuts printed graphics created in any vector design program.


Summa S2 T Series

S2 T SERIES Models

30 inch (76 cm) tangential vinyl and contour cutter

48 inch (122cm) tangential vinyl and contour cutter

54 inch (137 cm) tangential vinyl and contour cutter

64 inch (163 cm) tangential vinyl and contour cutter