X-Rite i1 Xtreme Spectrophotometer

Professional Color Management

i1Pro solutions are designed for the unique needs of creative and prepress professionals who depend on accurate color throughout their workflow. Whether you are a fine art photographer, graphic design producer or prepress professional, i1XTreme is the one system comprehensive enough to be the only color management solution you will ever need.

i1XTreme includes the defacto industry standard i1Pro spectrophotometer and i1Match profiling software. With i1XTreme, you’ll be able to obtain accurate color on all your devices in your digital workflow, plus the ability to capture spot colors and flash/ambient light. i1Pro is supported by all major RIP manufacturers.


i1XTreme includes the following i1Match Modules:

  • Monitor
  • RGB & CMYK Output
  • Scanner
  • Digital Projector
  • Digital Camera
  • i1Editor


With i1XTreme you’ll have complete color control at your finger tips:

  • LCD, CRT and laptops profiling – for any ambient light condition
  • Easy and Advanced modes
  • Unlimited gamma white point and luminance settings
  • Workgroup match for multiple monitor matching
  • Gray balance optimization for more neutral and better defined grays
  • Validate and trend monitor performance
  • Profile reminder to ensure true and reliable color over time
  • Push Button Calibration (PBC) for one-step profiling for industry leading monitors
  • RGB and CMYK printer profiling ensures your output is reproduced accurately from print to print and printer to printer
  • “Colorful” gamut mapping with unmatched quality for smoothness and shadow detail
  • Supports high patch count test charts for the most accurate printer profiles – ideal for fine art printing and proofing
  • Scanner profiling for accurate color reproduction of analog images to digital images
  • Digital projector profiling for highly accurate projected color – no more excuses for color on screen. I1XTreme includes i1Beamer holder for virtually hands free use.
  • Digital Camera profiling incorporates simplified features for the most popular photo settings to create camera profiles - contrast, exposure, color saturation, shadows and highlights. (Requires Digital ColorChecker SG – sold separately)
  • Simple profile editing functions for the most popular editing needs
  • Spot color measurements to incorporate in your work, or use to make sure the colors in your proof are exact


i1iO Automated Scanning Table

When your needs grow towards high volume output profiling, the i1iO automated hands-free chart reader is a must have accessory! Simply dock your i1Pro device into the iO table to measure any substrate up to 10 mm thick!


i1Defined Training

At X-Rite we know you need to maximize the efficiency of your systems and workflow, so we’ve included this highly informative Flash-based interactive training in every i1 solution. i1Defined sets the stage so you will learn how to effectively work within a properly color managed environment.

i1XTreme includes: 1Pro spectrophotometer* (measurement device), ambient light measurement head, monitor holder, positioning target, scanning ruler, backup board, i1 Reflective Scan Target, i1Match v3.x software for monitors, RGB & CMYK Output, Scanners, Digital Cameras, Digital Projectors and Profile Editor, i1Share software for creating, evaluating and communicating color, Beamer holder, Scanner Profiling Chart, Interactive Training Modules, Digital Pantone library, soft carrying case and $400 upgrade voucher valid towards any one ProfileMaker solution.

*i1XTreme is available in either NoFilter and UVcut. Purchase according to your workflow requirements.