X-Rite ProfileMaker

Now you can create and edit high quality ICC profiles for monitors, digital studio cameras, RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome®, CMYK+Red/Blue and CMYK+Red/Green output devices that will enable you to capture a broad gamut of colors, while minimizing retouching. The result – you’ll be able to achieve excellent color fidelity and exceptional output quality while saving time and money.


Product Features:

  • Digital Camera – create ICC profiles for digital cameras
  • Monitor – capture color information and create ICC profiles for CRT and LCD displays
  • Output – create ICC profiles for RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome® and CMYK + Red/Green output devices
  • Editor – edits profiles or fine tunes the ones you’ve created working with lightness, contrast, saturation, white point or gradation curves.
  • ColorPicker – converts spot colors (CxF or Pantone) to process color
  • MeasureTool – for data collection from color measurement devices and accurate profile computation