• supports 5 printers (expandable to 6)
  • two simultaneous RIPs (expandable to 4)
  • Layout front-end is ideal for flatbed printer users
  • critical control for solvent/UV printing on a wide range of media
  • In-house proofing and profile reporting
  • Precision halftone screening patterns
  • Onyx ProfileGenerator integrates custom ink/media profile
  • ICC ® profile color analysis and MediaAnalyzer tool
  • textile step-and-repeater front end
  • variable data tools
  • support for i-cut system
  • all Raptor X11 software features


New Version X11 Layout Front-end for Superior Flatbed Workflow [Talon only]

  • Includes an all-new Layout workflow front-end specifically designed for flatbed printers
  • Provides WYSIWYG custom placement of print jobs
  • Users can place jobs, cut marks and barcodes right where they want them
  • Easy size, crop, tile and color correction tools allow quick job setup, queuing and printing


New Version X11 Advanced Color Control [Talon only]

  • Includes ICC color profile generation, with color tools specifically designed for large format inkjet
  • Superior GCR controls that let you get the full gamut from solvent and UV inks
  • Imporved Saturation rendering intent makes use of a larger color gamut profile generation


New Version X11 MediaManager [Raptor & Talon]

  • All-new MediaManager application dramatically reduces time needed to calibrate and color profile
  • New wizard-driven application and visual tools walks the user through each step of the process
  • Includes new profile grading system that helps users pick the right profile for their application
  • Profiles are automatically rated on color gamut, print speed, color accuracy and ink usage
  • Compare how well each media works on fine art, CAD, signage, POP, proofing and photo reproduction
  • The new X11 MediaManager is 100% compatable with previous profiles, assuring you get the same color


New Version X11 Faster and Improved Workflow

  • Users will see faster RIP times when using Stochastic halftone screening
  • Tiles can now be processed individually, so printing starts when the first tile is processed
  • Tiles can be reprocessed individually for more savings in RIP time
  • Improved Nesting automatically rotates tiles and jobs for better media savings and print speed


New Version X11 Documentation & Installer

  • Version X11 includes all new combined User and Quick Start Guides
  • Easier installation has been completely redesigned for speed and ease-of-use
  • Directly linked with AutoUpdate so new users get the latest updates when they install